I have now booked the minibus for our CLUB TRIP to Battlegroup South Wargames show, at Bovington Tank Museum. We are leaving early on the morning of  Saturday 7th July, and will pick members up from Bedford. A good place to meet will be the North End club, but please park in one of the car parks, or take a bus, as we don’t want to hog our host’s car park when we haven’t hired the room!!

PICK UP AT 0630   yes that is SIX THIRTY IN THE A.M !! E.T.A. Bovington 11am. We will leave at 1600 latest, so back to Bedford for 2000 to 2030

 Members will please pay £15 per adult and £10 per junior to the Treasurer ASP. If we have WRITTEN confirmation (ie an email) of your desire to attend, you can pay on the morning, as it is a bit short notice. NOTE if you have said you are coming but don’t turn up, you will be charged anyhow!! Someone else may have wanted your seat after all. 

 If there is another person with a valid driving licence who would like to volunteer(you go for free!!) contact Dave Wilkin ASP as you will need to get to Wellingborough to show your licence

Battlegroup South Official Web Pages

One comment

  1. Steven Welch · July 2, 2007

    Victory – i will of course attempt to mate with the Tiger Tank!

    Its gonna be a great trip – lovely museum, the worlds best collection and its a good wargames show.

    Thank you David for organising this!!


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