White Dwarf 30th Anniversay weekend 26th-27th May

This weekend sees the 30th Anniversary of the first issue of White Dwarf magazine. To mark the occasion GW stores will be hosting a number of events around the country.

Now I can remember buying WD#1, back then it was role-playing magazine. I collected it religiously until issue #100, by which times my gaming tastes had moved on. However things have come full circle for me now, and I’m finding myself increasing drawn to WFB. Which, although the game has problems for me, is fun to play. Plus it gives me an excuse to dig out some very old models again (see below).

Here are some pictures of the oldest GW models in my collection. Indeed some of the models pictured are so old they were produced by Marauder for GW.



Some old Orcs. A mixture of the older Rugluds armoured Orcs and Marauder Orc Boyz.

One comment

  1. Gladiator · May 25, 2007

    Mark, what exactly is going on when with this. I could go down Saturday to GW with you if you like, and want a lift! I will want to go to Cranfield however to get the AT43 stuff!! could be a gaming fest!!(isn’t Partizan on this weekend as well..hmmmm!!)

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