Warhammer Fantasy Battles competition

Club Warhammer Tournament

The club is organising a Warhammer tournament to be played over a number of weeks starting in May. Full rules can be found on the club noticeboard, but in brief they are as follows:

1: Each entrant will make a copy of a 1500pt army list, to be kept at the club.

2: Any magic users, magic items or abilities will remain the same, so if a magic user is level 2 law of Necromancy, with a Talisman of Protection, this is what he shall remain in all games. However the actual spells lists will be diced for at the start of each game.

3: Victory points will be worked out according to the rullbook (page 102/103), with competition points awarded as follows.

  • Massacre: Winner 5pts, Loser 0pts
  • Solid Victory: Winner 4pt, Loser 0pts
  • Marginal Victory: Winner 2pts, Loser 1pt
  • Draw: Both players score 1pt

[I’m assuming actual victory points scored will be recoreded too and used as a tie-breaker should one be required]

4: All games to finish by 10:30 on Mondays or until 6 turns have been played.

5: The tournament will run until all players have played one battle against all participants.

6: Battleground to be fought on is a 6ft x 4ft table. One of the players to randomly determine the battlefield from the 6 maps posted on the club noticeboard. Both players deploy up to 12″ on from a long table edge. Highest dice score sets up first unit on table side of their choice, the alternate the deployment of units. Players then dice for the first turn.

And that’s it, fairly simple. I understand there’s a prize for 1st place and 8 people have signed up so far.

I will also be creating another section of the blog to allow players to post their results etc.

One comment

  1. Neuromancer · May 21, 2007

    When the entry’s are finalised ill sort out a better formatted league table if you like.

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