May 20th – All day Sunday (some pictures)

I’m not sure how it happened but somehow I found myself without a game yesterday. Luckily I had a new camera to play with . . .

Here are some sample shots, one from each of the games. Enjoy!


One of Dave’s Blood Angel Assault Marines tackles two of Brians Tactical squad.


The Russian assault forms in the distance, during Barry’s Eastern Front Flames of War game.


Elsewhere on the Eastern front a captured KV1 cautiously advances to support an Anti-tank gun. 20mm WW2 action from Mr Welch and Co.


Next a shot from Damien and Mark’s Stargrunt game. I think this vehicle may be the one from the UFO TV show.


Finally a shot from a Pirate game from the MK lads. Not sure what rules they were using but they bore more than a passing resemblence to the GW Man-O-War game.


  1. shalamanser · June 12, 2007

    The terrain is the GW 40K cities of death stuff. Both Dave and Brian have loads of it. To my taste it’s just a little too gothic to be useful for anything else, but it is kind of fun and looks impressive on the table.

  2. inrepose · June 11, 2007

    Some nice photos in that set. What terrain are the Space Marines on? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Steven · May 21, 2007

    excellent pics as always Mark!

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