Gladiators on Tour Campaign 07 Milton Keynes

Next Saturday and Sunday (12/13th May) We will be at Campaign 07 with our large Viking/Saxon Game which we did a dummy run for last Monday.

Campaign will once again take place in Middleton Hall at thecentre:mk. Thecentre:mk is the large modern shopping centre of Milton Keynes. Middleton Hall is a 2,500 sq ft exhibition space, within thecentre:mk, adjacent to the John Lewis store.

Please drop by the Gladitors table and say Hi – if you are in MK that day.


  1. shalamanser · May 15, 2007

    Cheers, Al. Glad you enjoyed the game. I know we had a lot of fun playing on both days.

  2. al · May 13, 2007

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the demo yesterday – it was my first contact with wargamers and my mate and I found everyone, particularly the Bedford group, to be very helpful and friendly. Good work and a great advertisement for your group.

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