Battle Lore


A new game I picked up at SALUTE

BattleLore is a miniatures and card based game, where historical or fantasy battles can be played.

In the box you get a game board, rulebook, scenario book, 3 decks of cards, dice, terrain pieces, and card holders, and loads of plastic minis, together with play aids for the game(mostly for majic and so on, which I haven’t played yet!)

The game itself is simple enough to play, with the banner of each four figure unit denoting its status, from green(base troops) blue(line troops) and red(elite). Cards are dealt to each player, who uses them to activate various units on the board, combat then ensues, with the game’s BATTLEDICE thrown in varying quantities according to the attackers skill, with hitsbeing scored when the defenders colour is face up. gren, blue or red. Or in melee a yellow, shield emblem . The game continues untill one side has captured a number of  the opponents flags, depending on the scenario, which usualy takes about an hour or so.

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