WW2 is in !!!

This months All Day Sunday had a decidedly WW2 flavour, with only one game of Warmaster amongst FOUR ww2 games, 2 Flamesof War 15mm, one Peter Guilder using 20mm, and a Rapid Fire. using 15mm.


Some FOW action with German Wespes hiding in a Russian village


Here come some Russian BT’s to try and evict them….


But they have help!! Three Panthers lie in wait.

Meanwhile on the Rapid Fire Table, the germans are defending another town…


Fallschrimjager defend a prominant hill near the town.


But are attacked by US Paratroopers.


Supported by US Recon company M8 armoured cars.

Over on the Peter Guilder rules table, Germany is against the Brits, again in a built up area


Panzers enter the town.


The Allies decide that some special treatment should be metered out to all that heavy steel!!


A Thunderbolt targets the Axis column.

The only non WW2 game, WARMASTER….


ORCS !!!


Vs the Empire, complete with Steam Tank!!


Orcy Anti Tank Gunnerz!!

More stuff in a bit!!!!!

 Remember that we are taking part in the INTERCLUB event at CRANFIELD, WARGAMES WORKSHOP on Saturday 28th April, so only a couple of weeks away. And it is a bring a WW2 game day, with 10 tables available for all games WW2, turn up at 9 ish and away you go!!

And only a couple of weeks after that is CAMPAIGN at Milton Keynes Shopping centre, so hope to see some of you there!!

One comment

  1. Steven · April 19, 2007

    Excellent David!

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