Congratulations,Rushden Phoenix

Last Saturday our friends at Rushden Phoenix celebrated thier 10th anniversary. We were invited to come along and put a game on, and partake of birthday cake….so of course we obliged!


Brian at our table, commanding the Carthaginians in a WAB Punic war game Vs myself commanding the Romans.


Some of the other games put on by the phoenix lads, here we have a 40K game.


More 40K, The Guard advance!


The orc army in a massive WHFB game, that involved members of GW’s own in house gaming club.


The Dwarf commander in the mega game, deploying his forces.


Part of Warren’s unusual, but excellently painted blue orc and goblin army. We see here his Giant, very nice mate!


Carl, Chairman of Rushden Phoenix in mid dice chuck!! Vs I think one of the GW lads.


Not all GW games at the phoenix. We see here a Flames of war game between Steve, the treasurer, and Mat.


 Did we mention CAKE !!! Darrel, the previous chair, and founder member of Phoenix, cuts the anniversary cake. And damn nice it was too (I had seconds!!)

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