A bit of info for club members. The All Day Sunday meetings for April and May will be on the THIRD Sunday of the month NOT the second. The reasons for this are that April’s meet would have been on Easter Sunday, and May’s meet is  the weekend of “Campaign” the show ran by our good friends at the Milton Keynes Wargames Society. Who incidentally have re launched thier website…

Other pots on the boil include “Spring Offensive” . This is an interclub event I am organising for local clubs who would like to put on WW2 games for a day of gaming at Wargames Warehouse in Cranfield. All systems welcome (just as long as at least one is flames of war, Carl from WW says!).I aim to hold this event on Sat 28th April. It is free, and should be a good day. There are 10 8X4 ft tables available.

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