Another busy club night – some pictures

Here are a collection of pictures taken during our usual club night held on Monday Feb 19th. Pictures courtesy of Steven Welch.

First some WWII – and the Russian Front.

The Russian Assault

JagdPanthers die hard

Casualties mount on both sides

The Nashorn

The Elephants appear

But not all the Elephants on display tonight were Motorized . . .

The Indian Battle Line

Alexander takes on the Indians and their Elephants. WAB 25mm.

WAB Alex vs Indians

Next up: Space, the final frontier. Three shots from a full thrust game- The Rusians in action again agiainst a scratch built fleet.

Full Thrust - the fleets engage

Full Thrust 1

Full Thrust 2

And finally, back to WWII and some Flames of War action. A couple of shots of Dave’s Americans getting a severe mauling from my DAK.

The Priests

Above: Three Priests advance, whilst three burn in the distance.

The DAK await

Tigers, Pak38’s and some 10.5cm’s await them.


  1. Dave · March 7, 2009

    Not known I am afraidMike! We get some people who come to club and play a few games but don’t interact too much with other members, and then go off on thier own!
    Try using the forum, we check that alot more than some of the boards in the blog!

    Cheers, Dave

  2. Mike Spearing-Ewyn · February 26, 2009


    I liked your picture of the Indians vs US Cavalry wargame. Could you tell me which rules you used?


    Mike Spearing-Ewyn

  3. Steven · February 25, 2007

    Thank you David – i think they also owe alot to improve,ment by myself using photoshop and by Mark. Digitals dont seem to work too well at our venue – i think its because its rather dark!

  4. Gladiator · February 23, 2007

    Damn fine, much better quality shots than from my camera Steve. Irealy must invest in a good digital stills camera, rather than using my video camera!

  5. Steven · February 21, 2007

    Excellent Marky Mark!

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