From 1943 to AT43 !!


The WW2 table up to its usual great standard!

This month a bit of the old standby’s and a bit of something new. A WW2 game put on in it’s usual excellent style by Steve, pete and the lads. With some visitors from our friends at the Rushden Phoenix club in attendance. Some 15mm American plains action, with Custer geting the historical whooping again! a five way Warmaster fantasy, and Rackhams new sci fi game AT43.


Panzers on the bridge as dusk falls!!


Warmaster five way battle


 More warmaster!!


AT43 Fire toad walker and Whitestars infantry. This shows the quality of the miniatures, which come like this straight out of the box, ready to play.


AT43 the opposition, Therians and a Wraith Golgoth walker defend thier bunker.

 At 43 is very new, only released this last Xmas. It plays well, and we have enjoyed our first few testers with the system, that uses cards to determine unit stats, and play sequence. check out


Plains Indians Vs US Cavalry

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