Warmaster WaB and Warhammer

Roman Battleline

This week we have a good selection of games. Above is a game between myself and Rob, where I am introducing him to Warhammer Ancient Battles, WAB for short. This picture shows my

Republican Roman battleline, with roman cavalry in the foreground, Cretan archers on the hill, with a unit of Triarii behind them, in the distance we see the front line of Hastatus, with Principes behind


Rob soon gets the hang of the rules, and is maneouvering his Carthaginian forces expertly. If you are already familiar with the Warhammer Fantasy rules, as Rob is, it is not such a great leap to master WAB. Indeed the simpler mechanisms seem to create a smoother flowing game, without all the quirky special ,army specific,sub rules that abound in Warhammer, and WH40k.


Rob’s Gallic allies smash into a pair of Hastatus maniples, whilst Numidian cavalry harrass a third with javelins


Meanwhile, Tom and Brian are playing Warmaster (Iam not sure of the armies I am afraid!)


More of the Warmaster game. You get an idea of the scale with tTom’s hand. Warmaster uses 10mm figures.


Derek and Steve’s Warhammer Fantasy game. Steves Undead Vs Derek’s Dwarves. We realy must start a campaign for WHFB, there are plenty of people with armies in the club!!


My brother, another Rob, maneouvers his Vikings in a Dark Ages WAB game against Mike.


Mikes’ Saxon Shield wall prepare to meet the invader!!


Other club members, playing the boardgame Age of Sail


This Sunday also promises to be a great Monthly Meeting Day, with some of our friends from the Rushden club coming along, I will upload the pictures for you next week!!

Cheers, Dave

One comment

  1. Steven · February 10, 2007

    see you got squshed again Dave!! The Board game is “Trafalgar” and mighty good it is too even thougfh, as usual Suzanne and I were sunk very quickly!

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