Warhammer and FOW abound !!


Steve and Rob playing Warhammer Fantasy. WHFB has become somewhat of a “flavour of the month” at the club recently.


Robs WHFB Beasts , ready for battle,


And Steve’s Zombies advance.


Graham and Steve at the Flames of War table. This is the game I played in, against Graham, as he is back to NZ shortly, so a final game and beer were ,of course, obligatory! No curry I am afraid however Graham, LOL !!


AVANTI, SAVOIA !! Grahams gallant Italians advance across the Tunisian desert.


My U.S. Rangers, and supporting M5 Stuarts, respond !!


Dave Austin, and mate Paul with thier WAB Carthaginian wars game.


Some of Brians truly magnificent new Tombkings army. I did say WHFB is flavour of the month!!

This time Brian was playing against Derek’s Dogs of War army.


More of Brians magnificent Tombkings army.


  1. gladiator64 · April 9, 2011

    Hi Jeffro,
    well there is an argument that WFB is old school, as it uses a great deal of the mechanisms and methods employed by Don Featherstone, in “Wargames”.
    There are also offshoots from the fantasy or sci fi sets that are designed for historical gaming. I am sure you will be aware of Warhammer Ancients, Warhammer English Civil War,Trafalgar, The Great War, Legends of the Old West, or Warmaster Ancients.
    I personally play the Ancients and ECW variants, and great fun they are too. As with all systems it is what the player wants to get out of it that is key to the enjoyment. These are not simulators, therefore not “accurate” to the n’th detail,as a Kriegspiel game, they are a playable set of gaming rules for an enjoyable evening playing with your mates. There are tournaments run for these rules,which are popular on the tournie cuircit, so there must be depth enough to have such a following. Indeed WAB is the moset populour set of ancient rules even above WRG, or FOG sets according to a recent survey in Miniature Wargames magazine.
    Cheers, Dave

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  3. jeffro · February 9, 2007

    Thanks for the tip on Warmaster Ancients….

    I’ll check on those at the local games store.

  4. Gladiator · February 8, 2007

    By the way, thanks for the plug on your blog. We are not so unusual a phenomena in the UK, most Wargames clubs are like us, or some bigger and some a little smaller. I suppose our population density is higher, so there are more likely to be wargamers nearby. Indeed most towns, and all cities have at least one Wargames club, and there are conventions in easy reach to everyone practicly all year round, from small ones to ones the size and calibre of Salute. http://www.salute.co.uk

  5. Gladiator · February 7, 2007

    You do know that Warhammer Ancients is played with miniatures NOT made by Games Workshop, yes? They know they wouldn’t stand a chance in the mainstream wargames market against such people as Gripping Beast, Crusader Miniatures, Renegade Miniatures,Perry Minis,….The list goes on! Try selling a lead mini at £3 each to a historical gamer(the going rate here is about 80p, or £1 an infantry fig in 28mm) let alone over £1 per PLASTIC figure!!
    If 28mm is not your bag, try Warmaster Ancients, 10mm or 6mm figures, much cheapness!!

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  7. Gladiator · February 1, 2007

    Old but a classic !! I think wargamers should be aware of thier roots, For our cousins over the pond I guess it would be Jack Scruby! Most people play with lead minis I am afraid, although I suppose if you are playing with like minded friends counters could be used. You could use plastics, HaT industries make a wide range of miniatures for Ancients, and it wouldn’t be too expensive.
    Yes the US is a little far for a visit, pity, still you are free to check out our BLOG, I try to keep it updated regularly

  8. jeffro · January 31, 2007

    Interesting… maybe it’s a case of a game only being as good as its players….

    (I’ve read Featherstone’s book. That’a an oldy!)

    I love maneuver– its my favorite part of wargaming. But tactically I’m very dry– I’m just an Accountant with dice, really. Maybe I’d be good at Warhammer. The only problem is I’m too cheap to buy minis. Does anyone play it with cardboard counters? 🙂

    I’m in the Carolinas… which I guess is across the water from you. Too bad; I’d love to see y’all play.

  9. gladiator64 · January 30, 2007

    Winning strategies!?! we just enjoy playing with our toys!! Seriously though Warhammer has had a bit of a bad rap I think, and usualy from people who haven’t played it. I had been keen on playing Ancients for a long time, but was not satisfied with the over complex systems typicly on offer. Think of WRG 6th or 7th ed, or DBM. They are great for people who enjoy number crunching, but not for people who enjoy a dynamic, fluid game, where tactics and not rules and charts are the king.Inded I own a copy of Featherstones’ “Wargames” and it is interesting to see alot of his principles encompassed in the whole Warhammer system, Movement trays…yes…Saving throws..yes,Unit strength…yes, blast templates…yes! Infact on the E Group Oldschool wargamers, a poll revealed most people consider Warhammer to be in the spirit of Old School wargaming.
    Where are you located? if you are near us you could come along for a game.
    Dave Wilkin

  10. jeffro · January 30, 2007

    These pictures are absolutely stunning. You are lucky to have such a great group of war-gamers nearby.

    Folks play war-hammer at the game store near me, and I recently posted about how I don’t understand how the game can really be all that fun to play.

    It does look like you guys have a lot more room to maneuver than the local guys, but being the somewhat grognardy-geeky-old-school-gaming-snob type I’m having trouble seeing how Warhammer (as its typically played around here) can have much tactical depth.

    Can you set me straight on this by explaining some of your winning strategies? (You guys look like you’re having a blast, at any rate!!)

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