As some of you may know, the club is a part of the E Group Interwargamesclub-games. As members  in this group,we take part in meetings, events, and games with our neighbouring clubs, in the Beds, Cambs, Northants, Herts and Bucks areas. Upcoming events that are either planned or are in the stages of planning are. Spring Offensive, a WW2 themed event with lots of WW2 systems and boardgames being played, provisionaly for Easter Sunday, but this may well be re scheduled! A friendly Three way game tournie with ourselves, Rushden Phoenix, and Northampton Warlords, encompassing Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer Ancient, ant Warhammer 40K.This is still at the planning stage but may well be for summer. Also in the summer, our friends at the Hitchin Blackwolf club are organising a WAB day. Similar to last year, but this time full blown 1500 or 2000 pt games as opposed to the 500pt border skirmish we enjoyed last year.Peter Day, Hitchin’s club leader, plans the event for28th and 29th July with teams of three. I don’t know what books he is using yet, I will ask and find out. I also have it on good authority that CAMPAIGN,our neighbours from Milton Keynes Wargames Society’s annual show. Will be held again this year in Middleton Hall Central Milton Keynes, on the weekend of 12th 13th May. We plan to be there so come along in your new club shirts and support the club!!


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  1. Lee · March 9, 2007

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