Hornby buys Airfix

I wrote a short while back about Airfix going bust At the week end  Hornby announced that they are buying Airfix and Humbrol from the receivers.

So it looks like the Figures and Kits we all started out on will survive.

My first real Wargames where using the Donald Featherstone rules and the Airfix Romans and Ancient  Britons.

One comment

  1. Gladiator · November 16, 2006

    Good news!! My first wargames were with the Airfix Guide WW2 Wargaming. The Airfix T34 and a box of Airfix Russian infantry, Vs my mate Garry and his Germans( I seem to remember a King Tiger, a bit of a miss match). We played on a 2ft x 6ft length of hardboard, painted green, with model trees(I think they were cake decorations!) and railway layout buildings, in his garage. It just goes to show how much more variety we luxuriate in nowerdays, compared to when I was 14 !!

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