Rememberance Day Poem

I thought I sould post something about today – one thing that wargaming does teach you if you look deaper into wars and conflicts – is the Human cost involved. I found this poem that the RBL where so impressed by that they are using it as part of this years comemoration. 

There Lie Forgotten Men

They lie there in their thousands

The last rays of sunlight

Catching the white of the gravestones

Lending a poignancy to the moment

Numbering in their thousands they lay

Deserving remembrance

And yet the scarred green fields are empty

Nothing remains here

The processions of people vanished with the years

Their sacrifice all but forgotten



She stands there alone

At the edge of the silent place

And she is shocked

New wars brew and these forgotten men

Will play no part in them

The dead silence warn no ears but hers

In great halls, in moments of great decision

What they fought for is forsaken

And by days end new gravestones

Appear on the blood red ground


She finds what she seeks

‘Sgt John Malley Age 27′

His life brutally ended

And she stands by his grave

But he can give no answers

And she weeps for him

For the empty hole he left behind

And for the new emptiness

Soon to join the black chasm.

And her tears join the flood.


Rebecca Sullivan

One comment

  1. Steven · November 12, 2006

    A very profound and timely posting! Im sure that we all share the sentiments of these beautiful words.

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