Some little known german WWII armour has just come to light:


A unit of StuG III assault guns stands ready for review. They are accompanied by a Überschwerer Kampfschreitpanzer (Superheavy Armored Walking Tank), also known as a “Thor’s Hammer.” Eastern Front circa 1943. 

Go on Steve you know you want one 🙂


  1. Steven · November 12, 2006

    Yes peasants – your Panzer Leader wants at least 3 of those!!!

  2. Neuromancer · November 10, 2006

    Yes I saw that when doing this post and thought of mentioning it – they also do the privater press stuff as well.

  3. Gladiator · November 10, 2006

    Maybe people would like to know, that our neighbourhood games store, Wargames World, are now stocking Flames Of War. And they will be running games days and tournaments soon, too.

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