Combat debut . . .

There’s something decidedly odd happens at a wargames club whenever a unit or army makes it’s combat debut. Units never cover themselves with glory, whilst new armies invariably lose. Often both happen. Like when Dave’s new Flames of War US Rangers tangled with my Afrika Corp sporting their brand new Tiger . . .


Here the tiger advances warily. Trying to smoke out . . .


. . . Dave’s ambushing Shermans.

Luckily the Tiger has a bodyguard (since it didn’t hit a thing all night)


Here what’s left of a Grenadier platoon bravely hang on to an objective. They were shortly to die under a hail of Sherman MG’s, but not before they accounted for two Shermans. You’ve got to love those PanzerKnackers in an assault.


Elsewhere my brave 8-rads advance.



  1. shalamanser · November 8, 2006

    It certainly was a close run thing. The DAK aren’t best suited for the attack – especially not against dug in Fearless infantry. They’d much rather sit back and defend; where they can be absolutely lethal.

    It does look like the US Rangers will be quite a good army though. Those bazookas certainly keep opposing Panzers honest. Not that you needed the bazookas when my three Armoured Cars assaulted your infantry (who stopped them with defensive Rifle fire!).

  2. Gladiator · November 7, 2006

    Ah.. Mark, It was a close run thing, the capture of the other objective, on my right Flank, at the 12th hour!!! Colonel Darby and his lads did a sterling defence of our ridge I think. And the Shermans ,as you say, thwarted the Tigers plans for the day. All in all a great first match for my yanks, and a fun game had by all. Just wait ’till the next Platoon of Rangers is ready, although as a combat debut, are they doomed!!
    Cheers, Dave

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