Monday Night Games – 4th September

Posting this on behalf of Steven Welch, who writes . . .

Last night – Monday 4th. Good to see 5 excellent games taking place – big turn out! My own game was a disaster – my small infantry platoon fighting in a city “somewhere in Eastern Germnay – Feb 45″. Equoped with 2 HMG sections – 2 MG42s in each plus two sections of 10 SS grenadiers plus HQ, a few Panzer Fausts and 3 Hetzers against 2 Soviet platoons and 8 T34/85 and 1 ISU 152/1. Threw so many bloody 1s as to be unbelieavable – killed two T34, a few infantry and lost my entire command. Well done Peter – not easy fighting through a city. As always with our games – one the best terrain and figures are used! One day im going to bring that camera along!

The other four games were: Flames of War (8th Army attacking the DAK), WAB (Rome vs Carthage), Warmaster (not sure of the armies), and Full Thrust.

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