FT Campaign and Rules Test

Last Monday we had another training game for our proposed FT Campaign.

 After the action – we discussed alternate rules for fighters as they seem over powered I have posted a set of Beta FT fighter rules to see if they could be used in the campaign.


  1. Steven · September 9, 2006

    Just a comment – i know little about Full Thrust. However, we know that this commercial set of rules has been around for ages and has / did get a full process of testing and gaming before commercial release. Therefore, i think if you do try and change one aspect of a rules system in isolation you can, as Dave suggests above put the whole system out of kilter and effect other parts of the rules. I know that from our experimentation with the PG set of WW2 rules and also from my home made set of rules for Space Fighter combat. So, it can be more difficult to change an aspect of rules than you might first think!

  2. Gladiator · August 26, 2006

    I think the Rules we use already are OK. fairly simple, and easy to use. If players need more Fighter defence, it is up to them to support thier vessels more efficiently with Escort Cruisers. It may also unbalance the game..Robs fleet relies rather heavily on it’s missile and fighter compliment, to dilute it in some way, will alter the dynamic.

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