Attack of the Tyranids

On Monday evening Dave and I played a memorable game of 40k. I was using my brand new Nids, whilst Dave, knowing he was facing Nids, brought his tooled up Blood Angels.

Here are a few snaps from the game.


Here the 10 man Death Company prepare to charge in and shread some Gaunts, who had just (rather luckily) beaten some Terminators in combat. It certainly helps to only be in contact with Power Fist armed Terminators, so you can attack first and kill them.

Also note the Hive Tyrant hiding behind a wood (from the Death Company), and the Genestealers sneaking through the wood awaiting their chance to take on the Death Company.


The left flank of the Blood Angel line. The Carnifex looks like it’s in the thick of things, but the Hormagaunts killed all the Devastator squad before it could swing.


Some old style Warriors amble forward.


And here’s some newer ones – also ambling.


  1. Gladiator · September 20, 2006

    Quite literaly Stephen!! LOL

  2. Steven Welch · September 8, 2006

    Its another world isnt it!

  3. shalamanser · August 17, 2006

    Ah, yes. 12 Hormagaunts charge one Blood Angel Librarian – quite a battle.

    I was quite happy when you killed only 1 in the first round, but when my 33 return attacks only caused 2 wounds (one of which you saved) I was a bit shocked.

    Got the blighter in the end though 😉

    My favourite bit was the Gaunts killing a Terminator and causing the others to run off!

    The dice were a bit odd all night though. 27 Genetealer attacks roll only one 6 to hit !!!????

  4. Gladiator · August 16, 2006

    Ah yes Mark!! what a game it was, Man of the match must be the Bloodandels Librarian, with Quickening, beating the attempt to foil his psych ability, and giving the Gaunts a severe kicking, before himself succuming to thier countless numbers!! one man army !!
    Interesting to have to close combat doctrine armies bash it out, and a thouroughly enjoyable game…despite me losing!

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