1. Jake T · January 17, 2008

    Great idea Dave. Me and Paul would definitely find the site useful.
    As you probably know we’re interested in WAB and even if my dad can’t, I’ll put together a flames of war force. And yes I do play Total War too.

  2. gladiator64 · January 16, 2008

    Good on you Jake!! I knew who you were eaven if Maurice didn’t! Although we are predominantly a tabletop gaming club, I am sure, as I do, a lot of us play on line computer games. I myself have a PS3 and regularly play WARHAWK on line. I don’t do much PC gaming, as I prefer the whole console thing! I think some of the lads may have some of the TOTAL WAR series on PC . It’s good to see our younger members participating on the blog, please feel free to continue doing so. Maybe you could use the Notice board section to better organise your games ahead of time, so as to not be without a game.

  3. Jake T · January 16, 2008

    Well actually I’m a member of the club. I’m the youngest member and of course I play tabletop games as well. I know a lot of people outside the club who play and bringing everyone together should be quite fun.

  4. Neuromancer · January 13, 2008


    Theres a few of us in the club that play WOW as well as phisical table top games.

    This site is mainly for Wargames played the old skool way with figures.

  5. Jake T · January 13, 2008

    Hi, it’s Jake here, the small one.

    My first post on the site so I hope I’m posting this in the right place.

    I’m actively playing WoW but am quite lonely levelling on my own. I’ve got a lowly lvl 30 arms warrior so I guess I can’t play with you people playing lvl 60s to 70s. So just to let you know I’m playing. I guess you can reply and we can exchange details 🙂

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