WAB Skirmish Weekend 29/30th July

Dave has asked me to remind everybody that this coming weekend is the WAB Skirmish event organised by the Hitchin Wargames club.

Here’s the information I have:

Venue is:

The Scout Hut,
King Georges playing field,
Old Hale Way,

Access is 09:00 – 17:00 both days.

Rules are as per the Border Skirmish scenario,page 174 of the new WAB rulebook.

The deal on the WAB day is, it is primarily a 500Pt WAB Skirmish/Border patrol, as per the new book. If, however insufficient people turn up, alternate full scale WAB games are to be played. It is NOT a tournament or competition. Just a chance to play different people, and have a fun day playing different WAB armies. Yes, ALL books are valid, dependant on who
comes along to play of course. And bringing a matched pair of opposing armies is encouraged, if possible.

Sadly, I cannot find a website for the Hithin club, so no link I’m afraid.

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