Arkham Horror

As yesterday was far too hot to carry around big boxes of lead we tried a new board game: Arkham Horror. Based on the Cthulhu Mythos books of H.P. Lovecraft, it is another co-operative game (see Shadows over Camelot).

Set in the 1920’s, players take the roles of Investigators attempting to stem the tide of horror entering Arkham. They achieve this by killing monsters, exploring gates to other worlds, then (hopefully) closing them.

The game uses several (at least 10) decks of cards, each for a particular set of loactions which reveal random encounters. There’s a good deal of luck involved at this stage. The other players seemed to have an endless series of nice encounters, being give all kinds of useful stuff by urchins, gypsies and other locals, whilst I was being dragged off accross time and space, jumped by ghouls and generally given a hard time 😦

Sadly we started a little late and didn’t get the game finished, but it was fun and will be one to try again sometime soon.

Here’s a picture of the box:


And here’s another of the board:



  1. Gladiator · July 19, 2006

    Ah yes a good hot day was had by all!! Nice to see the Boardgame rennaissance in the club mark! I may well partake myself, if given notice!!

  2. Steven · July 18, 2006

    Ah ha! But there was a wargame going on! And mighty fine it was too! July 12 1944 – Normandy – Canadians v 12 SS Panzer Division. Objective for both sides who cam on along roads leading to the village – capture and hold the village! 2 platoons of SS Panzer Grendiers in sdkfz251s, with 7 Panzer IVs plus 1 JagdPanzer IV plus a couple of Grille Sig33 SP Guns against 3 platoons of Canadians in M3 H Tracks, Kangaroo APCs, supported by 2 Wasp Flamethrowers and 6 Shermans, 2 Sherman Fireflys and an Achilles. Pete and Richard wearing Canadian Hats, Graham and Dave the German steel hats! Good game that eventually led to the Germans being pushed out of the village. This was not helped by David throwing some trully terrible dice rolls (as usual!). Still “good game, good game Anthea – hope you played it at home!”

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