All day Sunday July 9th – some pictures


Terry advances some Turkish skirmishers, but there’s several hundred more still to do!


The Russian and Turkish cavalry clash, whilst the Skirmishers start to engage.


WAB: Persians vs Macedonians.


Spreadhead “What if” game. 1945 East vs West.


French & Indian Wars game: The Bristish deploy for attack.

One comment

  1. Grand Visier · July 13, 2006

    The sunday game of Russians against Turks was the usual great fun of playing with Turks. The Visorial guard cavalry saw of the main Russian cavalry threat on the right flank of Currasiers and Dragoons, smashed throught the first line of supporting infantry, but was then hammered by artillery and Infantry fire.

    But the best for the Turks came at the end of the day. A Russian Pandour unit left its flank in the air and was promptly charged by some more angry lance armed turks. The skirmishers tried to evade but still got caught in front of a Russian square. 15.3 Dice to 1 saw 8 out 12 figures killed and the lancers hit the square oh dear! Except the square had been hit by artillery during the turn and if there is one thing that can break a square it is lancers that are not being shot at. (as the Prussians proved in the last game!)

    The Turks broke the square took the infantry units standard and were looking eagerly towards the Russian cavalry that now headed back their way. But it was now time to start packing up so a halt was called.

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