Mint Master Chief Action Figure for Sale

Some members have wondered about puting items up for sale.

I have a Halo Masterchief Figure (Halo 1 green still in box) which is taking up space.

Any offers? leave a comment and ill get back to you

Just thought a demo game at a show  using thease figures could be fun


  1. Martin · January 12, 2009

    Martin how about a 1500point FOW on the 1st monday in feb. Barry

  2. Maurice · December 2, 2008

    theres a section in the forum for for sale items which might be better

  3. Bob Manser · December 1, 2008

    Thanks for replying. Do you mean a physical noticeboard at the club or a digital one on here (if the latter, where is it?). Cheers.


  4. Neuromancer · November 28, 2008

    Bob Might be best to put this on the Notice Board

  5. Bob Manser · November 27, 2008

    I have got a lot of 15mm ancients. Mainly Roman and crusaders (although some spartan and hoplites). Most are based and undercoated ready to paint. I can’t face packaging them up to sell on ebay so would prefer to sell locally. I would be happy to bring the stuff down to the club for anyone who is interested. Cheers.

    Bob Manser

  6. Steven · July 1, 2006

    Yes – lets auction Damon’s tash!!!

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