A wide selection

Last nights club session saw a typical spread of games. Here’s a sample.

Steve W had a very large 20mm WWII game using Peter Guilder rules. Pskov 1942, plenty of Cossacks and an Armoured Train!

Dave W was trying out the ECW rules: Forlorn Hope using 25mm figures. I remember these rules from a long time ago. This looked like a new edition of rules, I’ll be very interested in hearing how they played.

Steve W (another one) and Derek were playing Warmaster – Goblins vs Undead, with the shambling zombie horde just edging it.

Whilst Terry, Graham and myself returned to the Western Desert for another Flames of War game. This time we played the cauldron scenario with 2200 points of DAK trying to hold off an 8th Army Armoured Co. It was a close run thing, with the 8th Army Crusaders covering themselves in glory (for a change), before finally the arrival of the DAK reserves swung the battle in their favour.

I think Dave may have taken a few snaps with his phone, which I’ll post later if I can.

Here’s the first. Fog of War anybody?


One comment

  1. Neuromancer · June 30, 2006

    Must be the burning oil tanks 😉

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