Shadows over Camelot

The club night immediately after an all-day Sunday event (see previous post) is traditionally one for boardgames. And whilst there were two WW2 games going on (Rapid Fire & Peter Guilder rules), plus a Warmaster game, yesterday was no exception.


The game in question was a new one for our club: Shadows over Camelot. See BGG entry here. This sort of game, where the players colaborate against the game system are fun, if not always balanced. During the evening we played two full 4-player games. In the first Camelot was only barely saved from the besieging catapults by a succesful Grail quest. In the second game there was a sneaky traitor in our midst (me as it happens). I managed to subtley slow enough of the quests for long enough for the besieging catapults to take the city. The other Knights didn’t suspect a thing, especially as I’d raced off at the start to complete the Quest for Excalibur.


  1. Steven · June 27, 2006

    Yes i agree! Love Boardgames and of course we have many good ones at the club including the Cry Havoc series and Junta, Shogun, Aliens!

  2. shalamanser · June 21, 2006

    I’m surprised we don’t see more boardgames at the club. There’s some fantastic games out there. My guess would be that one or two of them get played at home – I know I do.

    However, if there’s anybody out there who would like to play something like “Paths of Glory” at the club then please get in touch and we’ll arrange a game.

  3. Dave Wilkin · June 18, 2006

    Nice to show people we realy do play boardgames occasionally, Mark!!
    Cheers, Dave W

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