Carthage Triumphant! Rome Burns!

Yesterday’s all day Sunday session saw three large games played. The largest of the three was a 6000+ pts per side WAB game. Which saw a huge Republican Roman army taking on a combined force of Carthaginians and Numidians.

Carthaginian centre - how many ellies?

Here’s the Carthaginian centre with it’s huge skirmish screen.

Scipio leaves his camp

The Roman commander leaves his camp.

Skirmnishers on the Carthaginian right flank

Part of the massive Carthaginian skirmish screen advance. This picture was taken from the Roman left flank where all of their skirmishers were deployed.

An Ellephant advances

One of the ellephants advances behind its skirmish screen.

Battle is joined

Here’s a shot of the first ellephant charging home. It promptly lost the combat, turned 180 deg and stampeded into the centre of the Carthaginian line. Later this same ellephant bounced off the Carthaginian line and stampeded back into the same Roman unit!

Some pictures of the other games to follow later.

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