June All Day Sunday: 11/06/06

Just a quick reminder that the June all day Sunday is rapidly approaching. More details of the games scheduled will be available next week. For the time being though, as Steve Wilson has been buying 15mm Russian Arty like it was going out of fashion, I suspect there’s a very large Age of Eagles game likely 🙂

More information to follow.

Update: 03/06/06: Dave tells me there is a large 4000pts per side WAB planned. Republican Romans vs Numidians and Carthaginians. There could be a Cathaginian command available in this game, which I’m tempted to grab myself.

Details of other games to follow after Monday’s club.

Update: 07/06/06: Not much to add. The Age of Eagles and WAB games are both confirmed. Barry will be bringing along his WHFB Ogres and is looking for an opponent. I’ll either be joining the giant WAB game or bringing alog my FoW stuff.

Remember: Everyone is welcome. You do not need to book a game ahead of time. Just turn up and play.


  1. Dave Wilkin · June 9, 2006

    I think Pictures for the blog would be good too!
    Dave W

  2. Dave Wilkin · June 9, 2006

    May be, I think Dave Austin’s mate may possably be involved though, I will allow for a subordinate Gen on the Carthaginian side ( I have the model after all!) and we can see how it pans out, although we don’t want to get too diluted on the game.
    Don’t forget that Barry is looking for opponents, and I will bring my Orc army to oppose his Ogre force, for any takers on that game!
    Dave W

  3. Neuromancer · June 9, 2006


    Any chance of a subordinate general spot


  4. Dave Wilkin · June 8, 2006

    Dave Austin is Def Coming along, I have worked out points to max the troops, we are talking closer to 6000 a side !! should be a good game!!
    Dave W

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