Campaign – at last, pictures!

Here are the first few pictures from our Jacobite Rebellion game from Campaign.

Campaign 06 00005.JPG
The Jacobites array for battle.

Campaign 06 00008.JPG

The Government troops deployed for action.


  1. Jan Magnussen · September 21, 2006

    Hi Mark and Dave,

    Thanks for all the info. I am definitely going to give them a try, after all 43 pages is not that bad. It’s also a great plus that they have campaign rules – a feature often lacking in most rulesets.



  2. shalamanser · September 21, 2006

    Hi Jan,

    Don’t be put off by the size, the actual rules are the first 43 pages, the rest covers army lists, maps and the Sport of Kings campaign rules. The rules really do play very quickly.



  3. Jan Magnussen · September 20, 2006

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for answering my question so quickly. I have heard about this ruleset before, but as far as I remember I was a bit frightened by the scope (+80 pages?), as I was looking for a fast-play set of rules. Cheers anyway,


  4. Gladiator · September 20, 2006

    Hi Jan,
    We use Warfare in the Age of Reason, by Tod Kershner. They are an easy to use set of rules. Some people are put off by the small unit sizes, but there is nothing to stop you doubling up, and doubling the casualties!! Anyhow, we like them and have had years of enjoyable 18th cent games with them.

  5. shalamanser · September 20, 2006

    Hi Jan,

    We use “Warfare in the age of Reason” by Tod Kershner and Dale Wood. They work fairly well for the Jacobite Rebellion, giving a fast and fun game. They don’t appear to have a webpage, but should be available from any good gameshop, such as say Caliver Books.



  6. Jan Magnussen · September 20, 2006

    Both your armies look impressive. I am searching for a set of rules that could be used for, or that is specifically written for, the ’45 rebellion. I would be glad if you could tell me which rules were used during your game?
    Best regards,

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