1. Neuromancer · June 13, 2006

    Steve The reason i didn’t initialy put an email address was to stop spammers harvesting the email.

    Ill put an obfusticated email address on the about page.

  2. Dave Wilkin · June 12, 2006

    Good point on the Email link, Mark, Maurice, you can use mine
    Chers, Dave W

  3. Steve Hampshire · June 12, 2006

    Hope you dont mind a post here – I’m from a wargaming group in Bicester, Oxfordshire. We’re running a 2 day campaign in August – 12/13th. We’re running a WAB campaign (shieldwall era, loan armies available) and a WFB 2000 point tournament.

    More details can be found on http://www.bicesterwargaming.co.uk.

    I have some printed flyers available – please email me if you’d like some.

    ps. Couldnt find an email link on your web site – hence the blog post.

  4. Maurice · March 29, 2006

    test non loged in

  5. gladiators · March 29, 2006

    yeh I am working on that

  6. shalamanser · March 28, 2006

    You should change the settings so non-members can post.



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